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It is possible to sustain an injury anywhere, with the UK roads being one of the main places that many people sustain injuries. Sadly, it is not just car and motorbike drivers that can be injured, and sadly many people are injured through no fault of their own while on public transport.

Many accidents on the roads often involve public transport, with buses often being involved in crashes and many people sustaining injuries due to driver negligence. Due to the nature of public transport, it is possible to sustain an injury, even if you are not involved in an accident. Injuries can occur in many ways from a head injury to a slip, trip or fall on a bus. It is also exceptionally common for passengers on public transport to suffer whiplash injuries, typically due to sudden stops.

Thankfully, if you are injured on public transport as a result of carelessness or negligence, you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim. Regardless of the extent of your injury or where it was obtained, if you were injured on public transport, our team of no win, no fee solicitors** based in Wakefield can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Making a Personal Injury Claim: What is Needed?

Making a personal injury claim can often be exceptionally challenging and complex, with many people unsure of exactly what they need to take legal action. Thankfully, our team of customer service experts and trained solicitors** will be able to inform you of exactly what is required when taking legal action.

When making a personal injury claim, it is vital that you have as much evidence as possible to support your claim. It is essential that your injury occurred in the last three years and that you were not at fault for your injury. Sadly, if your injuries were not as a result of negligence or as a consequence of the actions of another, then you will not be able to make a personal injury claim.

When injured on public transport, it is likely that many others were injured at the same time, especially if your injury was due to a crash. This can be exceptionally beneficial when making a personal injury claim, as others having similar injuries can verify your injuries. Statements from those who witnessed the incident or those who are making similar claims can be taken to prove that your claim is justified.

Following an accident, we strongly recommend that you visit a medical professional to have your injuries assessed. Many injuries, such as severe head injuries and whiplash, may not have any symptoms initially, so by visiting a medical professional you are ensuring that any potential injuries are monitored and treated as soon as possible. This can offer you peace of mind and ensure that your injuries are treated by professionals. As well as this, when you seek medical advice, it is likely that you will be given a medical report. Such a document can show the full extent of your injury and verify your claim. Furthermore, a medical report can show the expected recovery from your injury and any lasting damage that was caused.

While a medical report is beneficial, any evidence you can provide to our solicitors**, whether it be photographic evidence of what caused your injury or CCTV footage that shows the incident. It is better to provide too much evidence to build a case around rather than too little.

Do I need a Personal Injury Solicitor?

Following an injury on public transport, many people do not want to enlist the help of a personal injury solicitor, believing that it could be too expensive. However, at Accident Claims Wakefield, our team of expert lawyers** operate on a no win, no fee* basis. This means that if you are not awarded compensation following an injury on public transport, you will not be charged for any of the legal guidance or representation you received.

A personal injury claim can be a complex and stressful process, which can be added to if no one accepts liability for the injury. If the personal injury process is not followed, then it could result in no compensation being awarded, no matter how deserving your case could be. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a highly-trained solicitor to follow the appropriate proceedings and build the strongest possible case.

During personal injury claims, a settlement offer may be made by the party facing legal action. Settlement agreements tend to offer a lump sum in exchange for the end of legal proceedings. However, such documents are legally binding, thus, it is vital that you enlist the help of a solicitor to negotiate such an agreement to get the compensation you deserve.

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