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Holidaymaker receives £23000 in compensation following slip

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A holidaymaker has been given compensation of £23,000 after slipping on wet stairs whilst on holiday in Turkey. The injured party had been returning to his hotel from visiting the hotel’s facilities which was adjoined by an underpass accessed by a flight of stairs. The stairs were being hosed down and cleaned at the time the claimant was returning to the hotel when he slipped and fell, causing fractures to his wrist bone and damage to his cartilage. The claimant stated that a member of the resort’s staff had been hosing down the stairs causing a ‘waterfall’ effect, and that there was no signage to alert passers-by that there was a danger of slippage.

Fall occurred on day one of a two-week holiday

The holidaymaker described how the event had caused considerable disruption to his holiday, as the fall occurred on day one of a two-week holiday. He continued with the holiday, despite experiencing quite a lot of pain, and later described how he missed out on quite a lot of the package holiday activities due to the pain he was experiencing.  When he got home from his holiday, he went to his local Accident and Emergency, who confirmed the injuries caused to his wrist.

Despite denying any liability in the early stages of the claim, the defendant eventually acknowledged that the cleaning work had been undertaken as described by the claimant, and that there had been no signage to warn passers-by.

After statement were taken from the injured party’s family, medical experts and assessments done on the total impact on his life, the defendant agreed to compensate the claimant to the amount of £23,000.

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