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If you have been injured in Wakefield, our team of personal injury claim experts can help you seek the maximum compensation you deserve. At Accident Claims Wakefield, we can help you seek damages on a No Win, No Fee* basis. This gives you piece of mind that your claim will be handled without any risk to your own finances, allowing us to get you the justice you deserve.

Regardless of how or where you have been injured, our personal injury solicitors can help you both seek monetary restitution, as well as the care required to get you back on your feet. Contact us today on 01924 961 567^ to start your claim.

Is My Type of Personal Injury One You Can Help Me seek Compensation for?

As long as the injury sustained wasn’t your fault, we can help. There is a long list of injury types our solicitors have experience in helping our clients claim compensation for in Wakefield.

Head Injuries

Suffering a head injury can lead to serious complications for the rest of a person’s life. If you or someone you loved has suffered head injuries without being at fault, our team at Accident Claims Wakefield can help you claim.

Brain Injury & Damage

A brain injury can lead to life-altering consequences for the injured and their family. Therefore, any form of brain injury is taken exceptionally seriously at Accident Claims Wakefield. We can help those who have indirectly or directly suffered from an injury or permanent brain damage seek financial compensation to help them adjust to whatever reality they now face.

Face & Eye Injury

The ramifications of a face injury go beyond the pain and suffering, there are long-term circumstances that can reduce a person’s ability to enjoy life. Injuries to sensory organs like our eyes can remove our access to life. Facial scarring can lead to low self-esteem in a person, which can inhibit their ambitions further. If you have been impacted in any way by a face injury, our panel of solicitors for Wakefield can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Back Injury and Spinal Damage

Even if after a back injury that was not your fault you feel fine, there can be hidden complications that can cause long-term discomfort. We can help the people of Wakefield with all manner of injuries, from bruising to spinal cord damage, seek access to compensation that reflects their needs with our panel of solicitors.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can leave anyone with life-altering after-effects. Our team at Accident Claims Wakefield work tirelessly to get you the compensation required to make your life manageable again. If you need access to physio or any other form of treatment, we’ll make sure your damages cover it.

Shoulder Injury

An injured shoulder can cause all manner of complications for a person’s general wellbeing, potentially stripping them of their access to leisure and even work. If you have had a shoulder injury because of someone else in Wakefield, we can provide legal representation and get you the personal injury compensation you deserve.

Chest Injuries

A chest injury can have dire consequences, due to the importance of the organs it protects. If you have experienced a personal injury to the chest, our panel of solicitors for Wakefield can make sure that your case is thoroughly investigated, and that any health complications are considered when calculating your compensation.

Injuries to an Arm or Elbow

Damage to our arms can be debilitating, both in the short or long term, affecting our access to leisure activities, as well as our ability to work. If you’ve suffered an injury to your arm or more specifically, your elbow, and it wasn’t your fault, we can help you claim compensation with our panel of solicitors for Wakefield.

Injuries to a Hand or Finger

It is hard to imagine daily life without the use of our hands. Most things we interface with are designed around them, which further complicates life when suffering a hand injury. The team at Accident Claims Wakefield are here to help if you have experienced a hand or finger injury that was not your fault.

Hip Injuries

You do not have to be elderly to suffer damage to your hip – which can drastically reduce your movement. Breaks, fractures, or even clinical negligence are all types of hip injury we at Accident Claims Wakefield can help you seek compensation for.

Injuries to the Leg, Knee, Foot or Ankle

As we all know, any restrictions to our movement are bothersome at best. If you have experienced an injury to any part of your leg that you weren’t at fault for, our team at Accident Claims Wakefield could seek damages for you. We’ll make sure to consider any lasting impact of an injury to your leg, knee, foot, ankle or toes when calculating your compensation.

Damage to Internal Organs

Organ damage will often come from a seriously traumatic accident, or some form of debilitating illness. If you have suffered organ damage, and the cause of it is not your fault, our panel of solicitors for Wakefield will help you claim the maximum compensation owed to you.


Being paralysed, regardless of the extent of it, will mitigate anyone’s quality of life. This is why our team Accident Claims Wakefield are dedicated to getting people who aren’t to blame for the circumstances of their paralysis the compensation they need to maintain an accessible lifestyle.

Lung Disease

If you or someone dear to you has developed a lung disease through exposure to a substance or working conditions, contact us. Our panel of personal injury solicitors for Wakefield are experts in claiming compensation for accidents and industrial diseases.

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