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Rotherham man receives compensation for industrial hearing loss

Posted in: Employer Negligence Industrial Deafness and Disease 

A council worker from Rotherham has been awarded £6,000 in compensation for damage done to his hearing whilst working for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in the 1960s and 1970s. 65-year-old David Carr had been exposed to excessive noise during his time of employment.  Mr Carr had worked as an HGV and JCB driver for the council, as well as a mower and road worker. During this time he could spend up to five hours a day being exposed to excessive noise from tools such as drills, vibrator rollers and jackhammers, the results of which caused him irreversible damage to his hearing. He was also subjected to prolonged engine noise, and was eventually diagnosed with industrial deafness and tinnitus in both ears following a workplace check up.

“employers must ensure that employees are provided with protection”

Now retired, Mr Carr stated that he had never been warned of the long-term damage that could be done to his hearing and that he felt that his employer was liable for not providing ear protection. He appointed solicitors to secure compensation who contacted Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council about the case. His representatives pointed out that industrial deafness is usually something that is associated with factory workers, however Mr Carr was evidence that protection should be given to all employees working with high levels of noise.

His solicitor stated: “Employers must ensure employees are provided with protection against avoidable dangers at work – including excessive noise levels”.

The council offered an out of court settlement of £6,000.

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