Road Traffic Accidents

Britain’s roads are getting safer all the time. As the Department of Transport confirm, road accident deaths have undertaken a generally downward trend since 1973, despite the odd fluctuation or two in between. Nonetheless, in the decade between 2000 and 2010, a shocking total of 32,955 people were killed and nearly 3 million injured on Britain’s roads.

In 1990, about 5 million people died worldwide in road traffic accidents. It is estimated that by the year 2020, a total of 8.4 million people will be killed every year from injuries sustained by vehicle-related incidents across the globe. This will make traffic accidents the third most common cause of disability worldwide by this point in time.

And here, in a part of the country where ten per cent of England’s population are resident traffic – and road traffic accidents – are both part and parcel of the fabric of life. We live amidst an extremely dense network of dual carriageways, main and major roads that link the north and south of Britain, providing vital infrastructural links of national importance.

The Yorkshire and The Humber region boasts country roads and major population centres, alongside sleepy lanes, quaint villages and former industrial towns. This part of the North rightly has a reputation as a region where the car is king, unfortunatley your more prone to car crashes for this very reason.

In total, there are seven motorways that either lie within or cross the borders of Greater Yorkshire. There are also dozens of major and minor roads traversing the map, covering a wide array of different surface conditions and terrains between the north’s built-up urban centres.

Within West Yorkshire’s total of 7,995 road accidents in 2011, there were 66 fatalities, 891 serious accidents and 7,104 minor traffic incidents. Of those killed or seriously injured, West Yorkshire rated 40.37 serious accidents per 100,000 of population. That was -2.84 per 100,000 accidents less than the comparable national figure. However, that will be of little consolation if either you or a loved have been the victims of a recent local road accident either as a car driver, cyclist, motorcyclist or public transport user.

Road Traffic Accident Claims in Wakefield

Nonetheless, if that accident was not your fault you may be eligible for a Personal Injury claim. If successful awarded compensation can go some way towards helping you regain some of the physical, financial and emotional losses you have incurred and assist you with the cost of your recovery.

We are highly experienced in dealing with road traffic accidents – and the nasty legacy they leave behind for our clients and their families. Our experience of road traffic injury claims has been gained from thousands upon thousands of successful cases. Innumerable happy clients have fought back from their accident with our help over the last 12 years.

Every year we help lots of people like you who find themselves trapped and facing challenging situations in their lives as the result of a road accident. In each case, a combination of listening, consideration, legal expertise and tenacious work informs our approach to client’s claims. It is a strategy that works.

We have more than a decade of experience of managing claims by thousands of individuals, throughout the UK, people in a vast array of current circumstances due to their accidents. We work with a network of the top personal injury solicitors in the UK and we operate a No Win No Fee* service as a funding solution for clients.

Expert Guidance From Beginning To End

Call us today for guidance on your claim and how we can get you the compensation you could be due. Our experienced care staff will guide you through every aspect of the process. We also will ensure that before we start the right, expert, personal injury solicitor get assigned to work specifically on your case.

Having the right lawyer for the job is the cornerstone of every winning claim we make and it is an essential part of our winning strategy. All of our staff, throughout our organisation, are experts in personal injury management. Each staff member completes regular training programs designed to update their knowledge of the latest developments in Personal Injury law as it relates to road traffic accidents.

When you sign with Personal Injury Claims Wakefield you can be confident of getting the right guidance in respect of your personal injury claim as well as guidance for you and your family to help you maximise your chances of a successful recovery. Our clients consistently confirm that we can be trusted – our testimonials prove that. Here is a selection of some recent feedback.

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