Victim of Crime Compensation Claims in Wakefield

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) pays out compensation to those who have been injured in a crime. Most types of crime are covered by the CICA including direct victims and third parties, for example, members of the public who have been injured whilst trying to assist the police. Compensation can also be claimed for mental / psychological injuries and consequential loss such as loss of income or medical expenses. The amount of compensation that will be paid out by the CICA is determined on a case by case basis and varies depending on the seriousness of the injury. The minimum payment is for £1,000, and it is capped at £500,000.

In line with FCA Regulations, you are entitled to make a claim free of charge directly to the CICA, without the use of a solicitor. You have 2 years to file the claim, and the crime in Wakefield must have be reported to the police before you apply. Our panel solicitors will charge a fee for providing advice and submitting your claim. This fee may be up to 25% of the claim value plus VAT. We will be able to inform you in more detail when you enquire on 01924 961 567^.

There is no requirement for the offender to have been caught before compensation has been paid out. You simply have to ensure that you bring your claim within two years of the date of the incident; although in very limited circumstances a claim can be brought outside the two-year period, for example, a claim brought by an adult for abuse suffered as a child. A claim can also be made on behalf of a deceased person by the person responsible for the victim’s affairs.

Make a Victim of Crime Compensation Claim in Wakefield

The CICA will consider other factors before making an award, including the conduct of the victim both during the incident and subsequently, and whether the victim has a criminal record. There are certain steps that a victim of crime must follow in order to make a successful claim. This is why it is recommended that you appoint a personal injury claims solicitor in Wakefield to assist you, as the onus is on the victim to show that he or she is eligible to claim. Typically, victims must report the incident to the police as soon as possible and should seek medical attention without delay.

Whilst monetary redress may not compensation the victim of crime for their loss entirely, it can certainly offer some comfort. It is therefore important that you make a strong a claim as possible with the assistance of our experienced personal injury claims solicitors for Wakefield.

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