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You may be entitled to claim compensation against your employer if you have been injured in your place of work due to the employer’s negligence. By contacting one of our Wakefield solicitors, who are specialised in personal injury cases, you can get guidance about the best way to proceed.

You may develop an illness due to the type of work you do or your workplace environment, which could include physical harm caused by a slip or fall on a wet floor or obstacle left in your path, or psychological damage you may suffer due to stress or harassment. Some conditions are related to working with dangerous products, such as some types of lung disease which are caused by exposure to asbestos.

Workplace Injury Claims – Office Accidents

When an accident happens at work, you must ensure that the correct steps are taken. You may be required to write to your employer to confirm the details of your claim, and our Wakefield personal injury solicitors can help you to formulate the letter. You must make sure that the accident was properly recorded in the accident book, and that you keep all paperwork relating to the incident including medical documents and any bills for expenses you may have incurred.

You may be able to claim some of these costs back when you are awarded compensation. Injuries can lead to significant financial problems – perhaps you can no longer work and are struggling to support your family, or if your injuries are serious, you may have been obliged to modify your home or buy a wheelchair-friendly car. You will receive different sums of money corresponding to different parts of your claim: a certain sum for the specific outgoings relating to your care and immediate financial needs, and a sum corresponding to the general pain and suffering you have been through.

There are different options open to you for your compensation claim, and your personal injury solicitor will talk you through which route is the most appropriate, whether it is legal action to take to the Wakefield civil court, or a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or indeed an application for a criminal compensation order. This will depend on the type of injury you have had and how serious it is.

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