Hip Replacement Clinical Negligence

If you have had a hip replacement and have suffered injury as a result it is important that you speak to a legal qualified specialist as soon as possible. It may be that the hip replacement you have been fitted with is faulty, or has caused tissue damage, or perhaps has failed completely. If you are in this situation, then you may be able to claim compensation relating to clinical negligence, and the Wakefield personal injury solicitors will be able to examine your claim and guide you on the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Hip Replacement Compensation Claims in Wakefield

Hip replacements can be carried out due to arthritis, congenital defects, or simple wear and tear over time on the hip joint. For this reason, this type of surgery is done particularly often on the elderly, and if correctly performed, the surgery can dramatically increase quality of life and mobility. However, if there is an error due to clinical negligence during surgery or due to faulty medical equipment or prosthetics, this can be painful and upsetting as well as causing mobility problems that can make everyday life very difficult.

Certain brands used for hip replacements were recently recalled due to the metal-on-metal structure causing tissue damage, and releasing particles into the body. Further, failure rates for certain types of hip replacement are as high as 50 per cent. If you think you may have been fitted with a type of metal-on-metal hip replacement you should contact the specialist Wakefield lawyers as soon as possible, as you may well be able to claim compensation.

Claim for Surgical Errors During Hip Replacement

Other types of negligence can also occur, such as the wrong size hip implant being used, or the hip implant not being fitted properly and working loose within a couple of years (the normal lifespan of an artificial hip joint is 10-20 years). Other surgical errors can involve nerve damage or pins being left in the hip. If you have been a victim of clinical negligence you may well be able to claim compensation against the hospital that carried out your surgery and our Wakefield lawyers will be able to guide you about the evidence you might need and on how to progress your claim at what is bound to be a particularly difficult and stressful time.

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