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The UK has one of the best road safety records anywhere in the world, but despite that fact, there is never an end to what can be done to prevent deaths and serious injuries. This is especially so when those accidents affect vulnerable road users such as motorcycle riders.

As a victim yourself, or a loved one, of a recent motorbike accident victim, you will already know all too well just how serious and how traumatic such an accident can be. However, though the path to putting your life back together after a serious motorbike accident can feel both difficult and lonely, please be reassured that you are not on your own.

Claim for a Motorcycle Accident

If you are the victim of a motorbike accident that was not your fault, you may be liable for substantial compensation due to the current personal injury legislation here in Wakefield. Thanks to the perseverance, skill, and professionalism of our expert motorcycle claims lawyers**, you have every reason to feel optimistic about the future and also the chances of your making a successful compensation claim.

According to the most recent Government Statistics, motorcyclists account for 19% of all road user deaths, despite representing only 1 per cent of the UK’s current vehicle traffic. There were 29 deaths, 535 serious accidents and, 1155 slight accidents in 2012 in Yorkshire according to the most up-to-date figures. Most accidents occurred in built-up or urban areas (1,034 accidents out of a total of 1,717). And most of those accidents, 1,071 (62%), took place at speeds around 30mph. Many of these collisions occur in Yorkshire’s residential and city streets because drivers simply don’t notice motorbikes – until it is too late. The Government’s national accident figures confirm that 48% of crashes between motorcycles and cars occur because a car driver failed to see a motorbike in their vicinity.

Failing to observe other road-users is the most frequent reason given for crashes for all vehicles types except those that involve motorcycles riders simply losing control of their bikes. Research also confirms that motorcyclists are also most likely to be the victim of someone else failing to see them. In the UK nationally, there were 362 reported motorcycle deaths in 2011. That is a 10% decrease compared to 2010 and in line with the general downward trend for motorcycle fatalities. However, the number of motorbike riders reported as seriously injured grew by 10% to 5,247.

Perhaps this is a category that your accident falls into? The reported motorcycle accident rate increased by 8% to 20,150 in 2011 despite the fact that motorcycle traffic increased by less than 1% (0.9%) over the same period. Motorbike deaths fell by 33% in 2011 compared to the average numbers of bikers killed in accidents between 2005-2009. However, given the high totals in all categories and the seriousness of motorbike injuries in general, there is absolutely no room for complacency.

One of the best ways you can play your part to improve road safety for motorcyclists in the future is to take out a personal injury case against those responsible for your accident. Though the low visibility of motorbikes on the roads is an important contributory factor in deciding the severity of injuries associated with motorbike accidents, an equally important factor lies with the simple lack of physical protection that motorbikes themselves provide. This is exaggerated when travelling at high speeds and in dangerous road conditions. For every mile that motorbikes travel, their riders risk a 34-fold greater chance of suffering a fatality than every other type of road user.

This is why, when you consider a personal injury claim, you should contract a solicitor that understands motorbike accidents like yours and the often devastating consequences of motorbike injuries. This is a complex area of Personal Injury law that is best left to expert practitioners.

As a client of Accident Claims Wakefield, one of our first tasks will be to allocate your claim to one of our dedicated, expert motorcycle accident compensation solicitors – a lawyer in our network who specialises in motorbike cases. When it comes to getting you a pay-out appropriate to your injuries, our expert solicitors are trained to produce the maximum compensation from your claim in the quickest, most effective and most professional way we can.

We are highly experienced in dealing with head injuries and the trauma, fears and anxiety they create for clients and their families. Our experience of motorbike injury claims has been gained from thousands upon thousands of cases and clients over the last 12 years.

We have helped and continue to help people who’ve found themselves in all sorts of difficulties due to motorbike accidents and the injuries they have endured. In every case we apply a combination of listening, research, legal expertise and tenacious endeavour on your behalf.

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