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The idea of losing your sight or hearing is a very frightening prospect, and if you have suffered an injury to your sensory organs, it may be that you will be able to claim personal injury compensation. Our specialist lawyers are local to you in Wakefield and can guide you on your claim. If you have suffered a loss of income due to your injury, or if you have incurred medical fees, you may be able to claim some or all of this back.

Loss of Sight/Hearing Accident Claims Lawyers

Whether you have lost your sight or hearing in an accident, or whether you have been attacked or assaulted as a victim of violent crime, you will be entitled to compensation. Tackling the legal process can be complicated, and if you make a call with our Wakefield personal injury solicitors, we will talk through your case with you, and explain the next steps. For instance, depending on the type of claim you are making, it may be handled by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Making a Claim for Injuries to the Senses in Wakefield

Perhaps you were injured at work, and it may be that your employer will be found to have been negligent in maintaining employees’ health and safety. While at home, work or on holiday, faulty wiring could have caused an electric shock which could impair your senses. If your employer has shown negligence by not installing the right Personal Protective Equipment, then accidents could occur such as grit or sand getting into your eyes and harming your eyesight. Our Wakefield lawyers will be able to establish whether there has been any negligence. Industrial deafness or tinnitus can be caused by operating noisy machinery, and the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 sets out safety rules that employers must follow in order to protect you.

Depending on your circumstances, a civil claim or a criminal compensation order might be more appropriate, or there may be specific compensation schemes designed to respond to certain types of injury. The type of claim you make will depend on your circumstances, and our specialist Wakefield solicitors will be able to guide you on the most advantageous course of action to take.

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