At Personal Injury Claims Wakefield, We Can Help Your Recovery From A Personal Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault.

Remove the stress and worry from your injury with our expert lawyers who work tirelessly to claim the damages you deserve.

Our panel of solicitors work on a no win no fee* basis meaning you have a far reduced financial risk.

We act with efficiency, and continually push forward with your case, keeping you informed at every stage.

All of the solicitors and lawyers that work on our personal injury cases are experts in their field, and locally based to you where possible. We only assign the personal injury solicitors to you that are friendly, reputable, understanding, sympathetic – but above all they have a plain-talking approach to the legal system. This means that each and every step of the way you will be 100% up to date and informed with what’s going on, the next steps, and when the possible outcome will be.

All you have to do is call our 24/7 phoneline, tell us little bit about what happened, and we can guide you through the process in no time at all and then tell you whether or not you can claim for injury.

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No Win, No Fee, Personal Injury Claims - Getting The People Of Wakefield Back On Their Feet

Our collection of personal injury solicitors will take up your case on the understanding that he or she will not be paid if the compensation claim is unsuccessful. This no win no fee* makes financial sense for many residents and workers, because it means that they can get simple and low-risk access to justice.

In some cases we have had clients that were unable to work due to an injury and didn’t have the funds available to pay for legal fees and even medical expenses. The no win no fee* approach means that there is no need to worry about having to pay a solicitor up-front.

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Leading Causes of Personal Injuries

Compensation can arise from a wide variety of different Personal Accident scenarios, such as these. These are examples of the sorts of cases we can help you claim compensation for - call us for impartial advice, and if we can make a success of your case.

  • Other People's Negligence
  • Poor Working Conditions
  • Unobservant Staff
  • Defective Equipment

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