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Family narrowly misses injury and food poisoning on ‘holiday from hell’

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A British family has described their all-inclusive Thomas Cook break as a ‘holiday from hell’. Alan and Sarah O’Rourke from Cheshire had high expectations after spending £1,500 on the family holiday at the four-star Cabogata Mar Hotel & Spa in Spain, which were quickly shattered. Mr O’Rourke narrowly missed serious injury after the bathroom tiles began to fall on him in the shower, followed by the family being served raw sausages in the hotel restaurant.

Mrs O’Rourke said that she noticed damage to the bathroom tiles when they first arrived at the hotel, and despite complaining to hotel management, nothing was done to fix them. On the third day of their holiday they collapsed on Mr O’Rourke when he attempted to take a shower. It was heard that all the tiles came down “at the same time in one load”. She said that she was relieved nobody had been on the toilet at the time as the cracked tile would have gone straight into their back.

‘luxury suite’

Mrs O’Rourke said that their room was supposed to be a ‘luxury suite’, despite arriving to find no working air-conditioning and a dangerously tiled bathroom. She added that after the incident occurred, the hotel did not allow them to move rooms, so they had to remain in the room while workmen fixed the problem.

Travel association ABTA offers advice to anyone who has suffered a similar situation on a package holiday: “If you are on a package holiday and your problem was not resolved in resort you should complete a complaint form, collect photographic evidence of the problem and then put your complaint in writing once you return to the UK.

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