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War veteran calls for change regarding compensation

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A 90-year-old war veteran has called for something to be done for injured servicemen and women who are being forced to pay for social care through their military compensation package. Thomas King, a Second World War veteran who fought in Burma serving the Queen’s Royal Regiment, recently raised the issue, saying: “I think it is absolutely shocking that veterans have to pay for their own social care”.

Mr King said that 88% of local councils in Britain use their compensation packages to cover social care costs. Government guidelines state that anyone injured on or before 5 April 2005, who received compensation through the War Pension scheme, can be charged. Injured veterans on the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, introduced for those injured on or after 6 April 2005, are not required to pay for their social care.

“unfair that war pensioners’ compensation is seen as normal income”

The Royal British Legion is calling for this indiscretion to be addressed, with the hope that the government will set aside funding for all injured servicemen and women to prevent them having to pay for their care with their compensation.

The Director General of the Legion, Chris Simpkins, said: “Not only is it unfair that war pensioners are treated less favourably than a veteran injured at a later date, but it’s also unfair that war pensioners’ compensation is seen as normal income in means tests for social care.

The legion continues to campaign on behalf of injured servicemen and women.

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