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Injured veteran’s care costs to be reviewed

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After Keith Clarke injured his spine from falling through a hatch on a Royal Navy submarine fifteen years ago, the policy of charging injured service veterans for post-injury care is to be reviewed by Norfolk County Council. 43-year-old Keith Clarke suffered the injury while fighting a fire on board the submarine. He was ordered to pay £100 a week from his service pension for care after a review of his case in September, which he refused.

Norfolk’s director of adult social services, Harold Bodmer, said that he was going to examine the fairness of this policy.  Not only will he be looking at Mr Clarke’s policy, but he has also been asked to open a general review of the policies relating to all armed service veterans in the light of Mr Clarke’s case. He said he could not make any promises regarding the outcome of the review, but would do his best to examine the fairness of injured service veterans paying to sustain their care plans.

Not threatened by further benefits

Mr Clarke said that due to the nature of his injuries, he requires the assistance of carers twice a day. He said that the payment of £100 per week takes away half of the pension given to him originally as compensation for his injuries. Veterans injured before 2005 received compensation through the War Pensions Scheme and councils can regard all these payments as income.

Under new rules, for those injured after April 2005 payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme are ensured and are not threatened by further benefits.

The review continues.

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