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Petition handed to Downing Street regarding dangerous dogs

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Following the many deaths that this county’s seen involving dangerous dogs, the families of children killed in dog attacks have handed a petition to Downing Street, calling for action. Families include those of Jade Anderson and Paul Massey.

Jade Anderson (14) was mauled to death in March after four dogs attacked her in a friend’s home near Wigan. Four-year-old Paul Massey was another dog attack victim – he was killed in 2009 in Liverpool. 

The relatives of these children, and others, travelled to London to hand in the petition of over 4,500 signatures. They plead that more education is provided for dog owners, and that tougher preventative measures are in place so that people cannot so freely come into contact with unsafe dogs.

Estimated 200,000 dog bites a year 

David Heath, the Environment minister, said that a proposed new bill would focus on irresponsible owners. The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, which is to replace the Dangerous Dog Act, is currently going through Parliament. This would give Police the power to prosecute owners if their dogs attacked a person on private property. 

Campaigners argue that more should be done. An estimated 200,000 people a year are to be bitten by a dog in England – based on British Medical Journal research. Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree, Luciana Berger, said: “The government promised to tackle this issue, but they simply haven’t gone far enough to protect people from dangerous dog attacks.

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