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Driver awarded £1.5million after being rear-ended at traffic lights

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A motorist who suffered permanent brain damage following a car collision while stationary at traffic lights has been awarded £1.5million in compensation. Peter Siegel was in his car at traffic lights when a vehicle, driven by Lester Pummell, drove into the back of him at 30mph in November 2009. The accident caused Mr Siegel to suffer “severe, subtle and permanentbrain damage, which will continue to affect him for the rest of his life.

Following the accident, Mr Pummell’s insurers maintained that the accident constituted a simple whiplash claim, and entitled Mr Siegel to around £5,000. The serious cognitive, behavioural and physical symptoms Mr Siegel suffered with following the accident, however, suggested that the case was far more serious. The previous senior executive for IT giants Hewlett Packard was unable to continue in his career following the accident due to serious temper outbursts and a general lack of concentration.

Serious loss of earnings

According to the insurers, Mr Siegel had suffered nothing more than a whiplash injury, and that the cognitive symptoms were due to a series of “upsets in his life”, including the death of his mother and other domestic issues. The High Court judge, however, rejected claims that his symptoms were purely psychological, and awarded him £1.5million in compensation.

The compensation package included £65,000 for Mr Siegel’s “pain and suffering”, as well as awards for his serious loss of earnings, and treatment and accommodation costs. Mr Siegel will be unable to return to his previous sector of work.

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