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Driver wins £1.5m following brain damage crash

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A man has been awarded £1.5m in compensation after a vehicle drove into the back of his car in 2009, leaving him with permanent brain damage. Peter Siegel had been waiting at traffic lights in his car when a vehicle crashed into the back of him at around 30mph. He suffered no visible marks following the trauma, but suffered a severe brain injury that will affect him for the rest of his life.

The insurers of the driver responsible for the incident, Lester Pummel, said that Mr Siegel had suffered a simple whiplash injury, which entitled him to no more than £5,000. They claimed that the accident was not responsible for any cognitive damage that he was suffering with. 

“Endeavoured to struggle on in the IT sector”

Mr Siegel had been a senior executive with IT giants, Hewlett Packard, before the accident left him unable to work. The crash left him with severe post traumatic stress disorder, severe personality and behavioural changes, and extreme temper outbursts.

The payout Mr Siegel recieved included £65,000 for his “pain and suffering”, as well substantial sums for his lost earnings, treatment and accommodation costs. His barrister, Marcus Grant, said: “He endeavoured to struggle on in the IT sector with the encumbrance of the symptoms from his head injury. He has not worked since January 2014 and he will be unable to return to that sector”.

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