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40% of sufferers do not claim for whiplash injuries

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A recent report has revealed that around 40% of people who have suffered a whiplash injury do not claim compensation. With some believing that whiplash is not a valid personal injury to claim compensation for, experts stress the degree of its severity. According to a study by the NHS, it takes a whiplash sufferer around 32 days to recover, but around one in five are left with severe symptoms up to as long as a year after their accident. 

Whiplash is a type of neck injury that is caused by a sudden jerking motion forwards, sideways or backwards. With some people not experiencing symptoms for hours, or even days, after the accident, these include neck pain, neck stiffness and severe headaches. While for some people there is a fairly quick recovery, some victims are left with depression and other stress-related illnesses as a result of the lasting effects.

“In excruciating pain every day”

John and Ann Cooper were involved in an car accident while queuing for a roundabout when they were rear-ended by a 4×4. Mrs Cooper (71) suffered life-changing injuries involving neck and lumbar spine pain, restricted mobility and psychological symptoms including memory loss and anxiety. Mrs Cooper said: “I’m still not recovered, and I’m having to have more physiotherapy because I wake up in excruciating pain every day”.

Experts believe that a great cause of the increase in whiplash injuries is down to both a change in car design and the increase in traffic jams. Most people that suffer whiplash injuries tend to be involved in a rear-end collision at low speed.

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