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Report reveals NHS is failing vulnerable patients

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An NHS Ombudsman report has revealed how vulnerable patients are being failed by the health service. The report referenced three cases where patients had received terribly inadequate care and treatment. The report described the findings as ‘devastating and shocking’. 

One example was of a baby who suffered severe brain damage following serious medical mistakes. The baby had developed jaundice a day after it had been born at a London hospital, and required immediate medical treatment involving a blood transfusion. The doctors and nurses involved in the treatment procedure took more blood from the baby than they could put in, which resulted in “catastrophic” consequences. The baby suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest and was left with severe brain damage. Now four-years-old, she will require care for the rest of her life.

Refused to admit to their failings

A further case of medical negligence detailed by the report was that of a pensioner left lying on the hospital floor for several hours. The 80-year-old woman had fallen while walking in the hospital and had been unable to get back up.  She was left lying where she fell for six hours. After doctors finally assisted her, it was found that she had broken her thigh bone. When the lady’s family complained about the incident, the trust refused to apologise or admit to their failings. The lady died two weeks after the fall.

The final case described in the report was of a cancer sufferer who only survived as a result of going private. The man had been diagnosed with cancer, but was then informed by doctors that it was inoperable. After going private, however, he underwent surgery, which proved to be greatly successful. The trust refunded him the £12,000 in healthcare costs and paid him £500 for the “distress” caused.

The cases highlighted in the Ombudsman report are extremely worrying and suggest that not enough is being done to protect patients from inadequate healthcare.

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