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Police officer suffers vicious dog bite to face

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A man has been fined after his dog attacked a police officer’s face. The white terrier was originally a stray, but van driver Nicholas Edwick (27) started frequently spotting it around Wapshott Road in Egham Hythe. When the dog started visiting his garden, Mr Edwick started feeding and caring for the animal, but he denied the fact that the dog was his.

The attack happened at around 1pm on 22nd October last year when the dog was spotted behaving aggressively in a family’s garden. It had escaped through Mr Edwick’s fence and into the neighbour’s garden where it stood growling on the patio. The homeowner phoned the police, who sent a qualified dog handler to the scene. PC Bristow had worked with animals for many years and calmly approached the dog in question. At first it sniffed her knee passively, but suddenly changed in mood and started attacking the side of her face.

Agreed to responsibility

Mr Edwick originally denied owning the dog, but changed his plea to guilty at this week’s hearing. It was heard that Mr Edwick owned many dogs and that the terrier had started visiting his garden three or four months prior to the incident. When he started feeding it, it continued to return. Edwick agreed that his actions attributed to him being responsible for the animal.

PC Bristow was treated at hospital for a puncture wound, cuts and stratched. Mr Edwick received a fine of £225 and was ordered to pay the victim surcharge of £22, costs of £135 and compensation of £150. The dog is in a kennel to be destroyed at a later date.

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