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Hospital death due to missed penicillin allergy warnings

Posted in: Medical Negligence Wrongful & Accidental Death 

65-year-old Susan Hammond died in hospital after staff failed to recognise her allergic reaction to prescribed medication. Mrs Hammond had originally been admitted to hospital with a severe chest infection, but then suffered a severe allergic reaction to the penicillin they subscribed her, despite two previous allergic reactions to the drug, which resulted in her death.

Mrs Hammond, from North Clifton, died at Lincoln County Hospital in July 2009 after medical staff failed to recognise seven warnings concerning her allergy. The children of Mrs Hammond continue to fight for justice, arguing that the hospital should take full responsibility for their mother’s death.

The missed warnings included:

  1. Red allergy band
  2. Accident and Emergency notes
  3. Nursing home documents
  4. Prescription chart
  5. Medical chart
  6. Ambulance notes
  7. Emergency Admissions Unit (EAU) form

Mrs Hammond’s daughter, Alison Wane (46) said: “I can’t trust doctors, I don’t trust doctors at all, not now.  It’s going to be very difficult.”

A statement released by United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust said that they accepted that the treatment of their mother was unsatisfactory, and Trust bosses have offered to meet with Mrs Hammond’s family to discuss the case further. Police has also investigated the cause of Mrs Hammond’s death but no criminal action has been taken. Mrs Hammond’s family said that they are going to “consult their legal team about what steps they could now take”.

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