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Compensation will be paid following car ignition deaths

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General Motors Co has agreed to payout following the 19 deaths that were caused by a faulty ignition switch. The ignition switch was installed into 2.6million GM cars, which meant the cars could slip out of the “run position”, stalling the vehicles and disabling the airbags. Many safety advocates have criticized the company for only recognising 19 deaths, when actually around 100 cases could be linked to the fault.

A total of 125 death claims and 320 personal injury claims have actually been made against the firm, but they have either been rejected or are amongst the 106 and 308 respective claims still being reviewed. The exact amounts that will be paid out to claimants are yet to be revealed. 

Figures expected to be high

The representative of 11 of the claimants said that they should expect to receive offers of compensation within the next ten days. The figures are expected to be high.

A lawyer has said he has continued to hear from potential clients “wherein someone died as a result of an accident that appears to be related to the defect.

Some of the lawyers involved have commented that they are waiting to see the types of offers presented to the victims and their families by GM before submitting new claims.

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