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Cathedral suing the NHS after worshipper claims for foot injury

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A cathedral in North Yorkshire is currently suing the NHS after it was forced to payout to a worshipper who was not immediately treated after injuring himself during a service. Christopher Shepherd attended the surface at the Ripon Cathedral in North Yorkshire two days before Christmas in 2009, when he tripped and fractured his foot. The severity of the injury left Mr Shepherd unable to walk and requiring the use of a wheelchair.

Lawyers argue that negligent medical treatment is to blame for the development of Mr Shepherd’s injuries. They claim that if it had been treated properly in the beginning, it would not have developed into such a severe condition. According to documents possessed by the London High Court, Ripon Cathedral agreed to pay Mr Shepherd £130,200 in compensation as well as his legal costs in 2013.

100 days for the worsening of Mr Shepherd’s injuries

The cathedral, however, is now suing the NHS in a bid to claim back at least a percentage of the money. It was heard in court that Mr Shepherd sought advice for his foot injury on Christmas Eve 2008 and 13 January 2009. It was heard that the fracture was not diagnosed until a private consultation on 18 March 2009. The cathedral blames this delay of around 100 days for the worsening of Mr Shepherd’s injuries.

The writ said: “In the absence of the delay, Mr Shepherd would have avoided the need for fusion surgery (and) recovered with only ongoing nuisance level symptoms.

The case continues.

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