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Cardiologist’s work restricted due to poor practice concerns

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

A cardiologist working in Cornwall – yet to be named – has had their work restricted after routine screening identified “potential” concerns in their clinical practice. The Royal Cornwall Hospital’s Trust (RCHT) has chosen not to name the consultant cardiologist involved, but has written to patients who may have been affected by their poor practice.

Director of Medicine, Andy Virr, said that the concerns were raised after routine checks were carried out in the hospital. Furthering this, he said: “As a precaution we have restricted the clinical practice of the cardiologist while we investigate further”.

A statement released to the BBC read that Mr Virr was taking action within the trust to dramatically improve the cardiology department. This followed on from the trust being recently criticised by Sir Roger Boyle, the former government heart “tsar” who resigned as one of its non-executive members earlier in the year. Sir Roger Boyle told media that the hospital’s cardiology department had a waiting list of “hundreds” of non-emergency patients and that they were unequipped to deal with the demand. 

275 patients await follow-up appointments

In a response to this, Mr Virr admitted that the cardiology department requires great work. He admitted that the trust currently has around 275 patients waiting for cardiology outpatient follow-up appointments, and another 82 patients are awaiting a planned cardiac investigation, i.e. angiograms. He said that the long waiting lists are due to a high demand and lack of availability. He said that action has been taken to make sure that patients are seen as quickly as possible, with the most urgent cases being seen first.

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